Popular Blogger Caught Pretending She Had Cancer To Make A Profit

Belle Gibson is a blogger who has been doing pretty well for herself online, even if you haven’t heard of her. You’re hearing about her now because Gibson has just admitting to defrauding her fans by claiming to have cured her alleged many cancers—blood, spleen, brain, uterus, and liver—through diet and exercise. She has also made a considerable amount of money through her almost 200k followers on Instgram, at one point claiming to have donated $300,000 to various charities related to supporting cancer patients. 

But there’s no receipts.

People have been suspicious of Gibson for some time, according to Mashable, though she got profiles written up about her wellness cures in big magazines, like Elle, and got a book deal for her cookbook The Whole Pantry with Penguin Books Australia. It seems as though the suspicions have finally caught up with her and she’s trying to take control of the story again. She just told The Weekly, and Australian publication, that’s it’s all been a lie.

“No. None of it’s true,” she confessed.”I don’t want forgiveness…I just think was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.'”

Hmm. I don’t think so.

People are not forgiving of how Gibson appears to have preyed on people who were really sick and looking for some hope, especially as she recommended that folks forgo medical intervention that could actually save their lives:

Gibson was found guilty in March of breaching consumer law, according to the BBC, but people are talking about it now because of her interview with The Weekly and her recent sentence for her crimes. Gibson was fined $410,000 in Australian dollars in late September in the Federal Court of Australia, though she didn’t attend the hearing. The judge was not happy about that:

Gibson’s recent interview is likely another attempt to spin her story and garner sympathy. It doesn’t seem like people are buying it this time.

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